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4 Innovative AI project ideas that developers can work on during free time


The demand for apps driven by emerging technologies such as AI, ML and Data Science is increasing in 2020. The demand has is boosted by the introduction of new or improved tech every day. If you are just starting to learn the new and emerging technologies, here are fantastic project ideas to test your skills and also get some real users.

1. Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is the hottest field that has gained a lot of momentum in 2020. With the help of AI, cybersecurity can be made smarter. Traditional security measures are not good enough to analyse the potential cybersecurity breaches. AI systems are capable of constantly analysing the network packets and map what is regular traffic. You can build an AI tech that can analyse the traffic and notify the uncommon patterns in the network.

2. AI in journalism
Journalism is one field which has a great potential to evolve in near future. It takes a lot of efforts for journalists to collect data and information. You can hire software developers to create a mobile application that is capable of auto-generating a report by asking for vital information.

3. Vulnerability prediction
You can build an AI-based application that can predict when a vulnerability in a part of software can be attacked. A software of this kind will have a great enterprise demand. This will allow to predict when the digital attacks are likely to happen.

4. Voice-based writer app
A simple app that converts voice inputs into text can be a great aid to content writers. The idea is to eliminate the use of hands to write new stories, documents or newsletters. While some keyboard apps already offer this, adding an AI layer to it will improve their accuracy.