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IT sector releases SOP to prevent the spread of COVID-19


The COVID-19 outbreak has halted operations of organisations around the world. India's IT industry relies on software requirement form other industries. While most IT firms have asked their employees to work from home, some are looking at ways to resume operations.

The IT and ITeS companies in Hyderabad have prepared a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The SOP talks about prevention and early detection of cases. It also lists measures which companies can follow to prevent the spread of Covid-19. IT firms can follow the SOP to get back to work.

The SOP recommends the use of Aaryogya Setu app. Despite the privacy concerns and controversies associated with the app, it has become more mainstream. The SOP recommends IT companies and their employees to use the app. The official Twitter handle of the app has refuted the claims of privacy issues on several occasions.

Entry of employees coming from the containment zones should strictly not be allowed. The employers have been asked to ensure that such employees are not allowed on the premises. Employees who have parents of over 65-years of age and family members who have been co-morbid conditions like diabetes, respiratory issues are asked to be careful when they return back to work.

The SOP states, "Ensure that every individual irrespective of the employee, contractor, vendor, visitor etc wears a facial mask as mandated by Government. Without a mask, no one should be allowed entry into any office or IT park."

Offices have been asked to use thermal temperature checkers and check the temperature of employees before they enter the office. In case an employee with a temperature above normal limit is found, they are asked to be sent back.

In case companies find an employee with COVID-19 like symptoms, they need to isolate him/her. The person should be made to wear a PPE kit and moved out of the office space.