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Top US universities offering PhD in Data Science


Data Science has emerged as the hottest tech skill creating a large number of job opportunities. The tech sector has evolved to form an integral part of digital transformation and technological innovation. Every industry is looking for skilled workers with a Data Science degree. Universities have come up with graduate programs in Data Science. Here are top universities in the USA offering PhD in Data Science.

1. Brown University – Providence, Rhode Island

PhD in Computer Science – Concentration in Data Science
The database group of Brown University is the world leader in systems-oriented database research. The university allows PhD candidates with strong system-building skills who are interested in research around TupleWare, MLbase, MDCC, Crowd DB, or PIQL. The tuition fees for the PhD course costs $66,702 per year.

2. Indiana University-Purdue University

PhD in Data Science, PhD Minor in Applied Data Science
Candidates pursuing PhD in Data Science at the Indiana University-Purdue need to have skills in research, management and data analytics. The course comprises of 24 credits of a data science core, 18 credits of methods courses, 18 credits of a specialization, written and oral qualifying exams, and 30 credits of dissertation research. Candidates have to complete the PhD course within seven years. The course fee is $368 per credit.

3. New York University – New York

PhD in Data Science
Candidates need to complete 72 credit hours, pass a comprehensive and qualifying exam and defend a dissertation with ten years of entering the program. Required courses include an introduction to data science, probability, and statistics for data science, machine learning, and computational statistics, big data, and inference and representation. The tuition fee is $1,856 per unit.

4. Yale University – Connecticut

PhD Program – Department of Stats and Data Science
The PhD program in data science and statistics at Yale University brings broad training in areas of statistical theory, stochastic processes, information theory, machine learning, data analysis, statistical computing, and graphical methods. Students need to undergo 12 courses in the first year on these topics. The tuition fee is $43,300 per year.