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Innovations create future, thus we help faster turn ideas into real innovations.

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Our products

Bring your company an instant innovation boost

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Design Sprint

Corporations have plenty of ideas which can change the way of developing, distributing and providing customer services. We are aware of the fact that they are hard to choose and verify. We use design thinking approach which is very creative and flexible, thanks to it we are able to challenge the ideas. What is more, we provide you with the digital prototype tested by clients, thus you can imagine how they will look like. All of it within only 5 days.

Design Sprint includes following services:

  • check innovation consulting
  • check prototype
  • check testing with the users

Startup into organization

We bring startup approach into the organisations by combining innovative thinking, professionality and passion to create outstanding design experiences. We invented a unique process based on agile project management and lean startup approach in order to implement innovations straight to the companies. During all stages, we pay special attention to clients’ feedback and create the final product on the basis of their opinions and needs, so at the end, we provide you with the outstanding commercial product perfectly matched to clients’ needs.

The product Startup into organization includes following services:

  • check innovation consulting
  • check prototype
  • check testing with the users
  • check UI/UX design
  • check software engineering
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Why innovate with us?

We make innovation a breeze to run

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Startups innovation onboard

We have a startup DNA, we worked with plenty of startups and have a huge knowledge about implementing innovations. Thanks to us organisations have the opportunity to modernise their processes, provide more value for customers and do it all with a fresh startup approach.

Competitive advantage

Nowadays companies which resist implementing changes are not able to maintain a high position on the market. By implementing innovations we enable companies to stay ahead of the market, create new market trends and encourage customers to buy their products.

Fast implementation

Our goal is to speed up the process of implementing innovation, because in today’s world velocity creates the key competitive advantage. We build a prototype in a one week since the first meeting and provide the commercial product ready to implement in 6 to 9 months.

Cost savings

Implementing innovation on the basis of design thinking approach and agile software development methodology allows companies reduce costs, time and wastes. Fast implementation requires less time for whole project team and managers, so as a consequence is much cheaper.

Security maintained

We are aware how relevant the application or website integration with binding systems is, therefore the products are created with the legal and security needed. All data, information and processes of companies are perfectly safe. The result is always very well integrated with all systems.

How do we do it?

Let's drive your creativity with our proven yet simple processes

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Previous work

We let our projects do the talking


“What you did in 3 months would have taken Prographer 24 months.”

Rohit Kedia

Rohit Kedia Co-Founder, Prographer

Innovation in photoshoot: Photoshoot Management System


Thanks to our trybotics core and professional approach we were able to implement highly innovative function into the top international manufacturer - Prographer. The company commissioned us to build an interactive app/web application that allows users to determine lease costs and benefits with just a few clicks.

Our building blocks

We build superb products with services providing unique features

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Innovation consulting

We simplify and solve every business challenge. We identify problems, come up and challenge new ideas in order to unlock the innovation potential.

The way in which we do it is strongly connected with the modern methodologies like design thinking and agile project management.

In this phase, we try to understand customers’ needs, map the challenges and sort priorities. All of this is based on interviews with experts.

At the end of this stage we draw up ideas with outstanding solutions.

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Product mock-up

The idea is essential, but what we have learnt from our experience is that sometimes the difference between imagination and reality is significant and it is likely that you will change the project along the way.

Understanding what components of ideas work, and do not is the main aim of this phase. What is more, corrections on mock up products are much easier to implement than after development and creating mock-up product save both of our time.

For this reason we launched unique mock-up products which enable learn more about product before development. Furthermore, company may see how the idea looks in reality.

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User testing

Building strategy and creating prototypes are crucial in implementing innovations, but there is something what is even more important – users’ opinions.

We pay special attention to test ideas immediately in order to get feedback from clients. We test our prototypes with the users and gather all opinions and preferences, it tells us a lot about customers’ needs.

We validate the prototypes with clients and it helps us to do a business validation.

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UI/UX design

In order to create as friendly app as it possible, we are focused on delivering a rich and interactive user experience. The proper care about the usability of the product is something what makes the application special and appealing.

We keep this experience consistent across all devices through the responsive design. User-centered wireframes and flow diagrams provide the key information on how the user will interact wit your application.

We arrive at the perfect blend of user experience and user interface design.

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Software engineering

Being connected to the internet and having friendly application are crucial components of today’s businesses. Our aim is to enable clients implementing innovative products, and to accomplish that we work with the all safety rules needed and full technology stuck.

Our apps are available mostly for two primary systems: iOs and Android.

High level of security and integrating products with local systems are our priorities, thus you can be completely safe that we will provide you with the great and completely safe service.

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System integration

The final result of our work is seamless integration. The product is so well integrated with your systems that it looks like it was always there. What is even more important, we assure you that your security is maintained as well. Your data, information and processes are perfectly safe as we made it our priority. We have a broad insight and may bring our experience into your company.


The rock-solid foundation
of our work

We are keeping up with the changing world and we run our projects in accordance with the latest trends in the market. We are fully familiar with methodologies created by the greatest minds in the world.

Book sprint

Design Sprint

“Sprint offers a transformative formula for testing ideas that work whether you’re at a startup or a large organisation. Within five days, you’ll move from idea to prototype to decision, saving you countless hours and dollars.”

Book startup

Lean Startup

“Most startups fail. But many of those failures are preventable. The Lean Startup is a new approach being adopted across the globe, changing the way companies are built and new products are launched.”

Book scrum


“For those who believe that there must be a more agile and efficient way for people to get things done, here is a discursive, thought-provoking book about the leadership and management process that is changing the way we live.”

Our principles

We build superb products with services providing unique features

Innovative approach

Constant focus on trying to think differently and doing things better than others

User orientation

User-centered approach including developing a quality product based on clients opinions


Fast actions are extremely crucial in today business environment