We supercharge startups

We design and validate the top item on the client’s innovation backlog in 6 weeks

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If you don’t develop fast enough, your startup will fail.

Your business is doing great, but it won’t last forever

The market is evolving fast and only few startups make it out alive. Technology and consumer preferences are changing quicker than ever. Companies that can’t adapt to changes will vanish. Those that set trends will be the ones who win.

You need to innovate to stay in the game

In order to stay competitive companies need to create. To innovate a lot of work is required and it has to be done as fast as possible. Speed is the advantage.

But you don’t have resources

Startups have a lot of ideas, but they consistently deal with a lack of time to execute them. Both you and your team are busy with developing the core of your business and minor updates. And you need to focus on the future.

Did you know why startups fail?


You need to make sure that your team has all the skills you need to develop your product and get the missing competencies from the outside.

23% died from inflexibility

Being inflexible and not using customer feedback can be disastrous. You need to pivot quickly and you need to have the right skills to do it successfully.


Ignoring competition could be destructive, but you won’t have to worry about it if you just keep improving your startup by developing faster.

Based on the analysis of 101 startup failure post- mortems by CB Insights

We are developers, we are designers, we are strategists.

We are the solution

We build new high-quality features while you take care of everyday business.

Supercharging meeting


We meet and set the project scope together

Supercharging development


Our team starts their development magic

Supercharging consults


We stay in touch to consult changes

Supercharging calendar


We deliver the product in 6 weeks



Thanks to lots of powerful developers we are always ready to kick off new projects and develop new features in no time. You can change your strategy quickly and we will make it work.

Problem with LACK OF SKILLS


We have all the skills you need. Our developers, designers and product strategists are battle- proven and highly experienced. We work as a team, we can manage projects and test apps.



We understand that your team has to stay focused on their work, so we put all of our efforts in rapid development of your new features. We always deploy them fast and efficiently.

We believe in

the 6 weeks idea

Rapid development can be crucial to prove a startup’s value proposition early, keep the team motivated and maintain the costs low.

App development should be more product centric and meaningful to the audience which leads to a smaller scope, shorter development time and a lower budget.

Kick off

Problem definition, user stories extraction, landing page


Prototype refinement, technical execution, user feedback

1 2 3 4

Design sprint

UX wireframes, UI mockups, user feedback


Final testing, closing feedback, product launch, go-to-market strategy

Why is supercharging worth it?


Better products

We upgrade the client’s business with all the benefits coming from it.


Cost reduction

Dedicated teams deliver results with up to 50% savings.


Fast implementation

We build new features in 6 weeks since the first meeting.


Focus on business

The client keeps his focus on everyday tasks.


No recruiting

The client doesn’t have to spend time on completing a new team.


High quality

We know how to deliver the best results and we do just that.