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Autonomous Chess Playing Robotic Arm

This is an autonomous Robot Arm that can play chess using image processing and machine vision. Software Description:· Python Idle : This is the coding platform used in this project. Whole Robot is coded in Pyth ... show more

LCD Alarm Clock with many faces © GPL3+

An LCD1602 alarm clock that includes many of the other LCD1602 clocks found on maker sites. Looking around for something to build, I decided on a LCD 1602 clock. After perusing the Web and finding many differen ... show more

Portable CoVID-19 clinic © CERN-OHL

A machine that consists of a face mask sanitiser (using UV LEDs), an automatic hand sanitising machine and an ARM MCU that checks vitals. .Coming from India, I realized that the SARS-CoV-2 virus could've been s ... show more

Human Detection Robotics System Using Arduino Uno © CC BY-NC

This System design a mobile rescue robotic Vehicle system based on Arduino to help the people on time which are trapped in natural calamity This System design a mobile rescue robotic Vehicle system based on Ard ... show more

Genius Game © GPL3+

The goal of this game is to repeat a sequence of lights and notes with 7 levels of difficulty. It's a simple game to memorize a sequence of notes and repeat it. Each note is associated with a different color of ... show more

AiRobot © GPL3+

AiRobot monitors and modifies the environment in your home by using a robot that receives data from a collection of networked sensors. Video The TeamContinuous all nighters. Blaine and Tyler (Left to right).Exh ... show more