Portable Thermometer with Android Device © GPL3+

How to make a portable thermometer sensor MLX90614 with an Android device as display. Measuring body temperature with non-contact / contactless like a thermo gun. I created this project because Thermo Gun now i ... show more

Arduino Binary Dice © CC BY-NC-SA

Are you playing ludo in this quarantine? If you are. I have created a binary dice for you. You just need an Arduino and a few components. Maybe you have played ludo in this quarantine. I am almost sure that you ... show more

DIY Arduino Tic Toc Toe Game © GPL3+

Two player 4 by 4 Tic Tac Toe Game using Arduino Uno. Tic Tac Toe game is a two player classic game. It becomes fun when you play it with your kids, family and friends. Here I have shown how to make a Tic Tac T ... show more

RC tank on Arduino © GPL3+

Radio-controlled tank firing plastic balls The tank gun shoots with plastic balls. Laser sight. Headlights. Assembled based on the Arduino Nano platform. The chassis is made on the L298N driver. As a rotary tow ... show more

CAN Bus Using Arduino © GPL3+

We implement CAN Bus communication with MCP2515 module to communicate between two Arduino for sending temperature data from DHT CAN BusCAN Bus, stand for Controller Area Network, is one type of serial communica ... show more

Clap-Controlled Lights That You Can Actually Use

Clap twice to turn on and off a bright LED. This is a lighting system controlled by two claps. It looks for a clap and repeats the program in loop(). I used four super bright LEDs, an Arduino Micro (any will wo ... show more